Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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Is it healthy to masturbate to celebrities? I just wonder. I am a guy of 33 years and I don ' t have a girlfriend and I do a lot of masturbating in the more simple when I come home from work. All my fantasies have to relate to celebrities. It is usually hot real attractive as Jessica Simpson or Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears etc, u know the ones I normally wouldnt have a chance in real life. J ' ve been told that this was the ' counterproductive but I cannot seem to stop these fantasies. J ' have trouble masturbating for pretty girls, I do not know because when I'm around d ' them, I feel really weird. I think maybe I'm just living out a fantasy that never happens again. J ' trying to meet girls in clubs, etc. I am really attracted by the warm and sometimes it is easy to go home and masturbate to when he is speaking to them. I guess I'm sexually aroused their butts and legs. I want to change. J ' adores women. Lately I ' ve been staying home and masturbating just because celebrities, its easy when its me and a jar of baby oil '
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